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07/30/2016: So yay. Kinda sad that no one has signed up in so long, but I'll do my best to see this stays online and linked so it can be found.

11.11.2015: Whee. Thanks to a server crash that was unrecoverable, the site went down for a bit and I apologize for that! When I re-uploaded the gwg, I didn't realize that the listings were in a seperate folder. *headdesk* However, it's back up and with a new member to celebrate! ^_^ I'm considering a new site design, but I have other things that need new layouts first. So we'll see.

03.01.2011: 2 new members! Yay! I may be a bit slow to respond, but I do check this about once a month, so if you're interested in joining, please don't hesitate! ^_^

07.27.2010: New layout! I'm 99% happy with it, though I don't like that the disclaimer won't stay at the bottom. But other than that, I'm liking it.

06.30.2010: 3 new members! *happy dance* I also need to get some actual info up. As soon as I finish other projects. ><

04.04.2010: Reminder update. Still here, nothing to report at this time.

02.01.2010: Reminder update. Still no new joiners. Anyone have any ideas?

10.21.2009: Reminder update. Real life has kinda kicked me in the butt the last few months, but I'm still keeping an eye on this in case some people decide to join!

07.08.2009: Reminder update. I can't add new members if no one signs up! ^_^; Also working on some new icons, will hopefully get them done at some point in the near future.

05.12.2009: Site is open! I do plan on expanding with a small fan section about YST, but I wanted the fanlisting up and active as soon as possible. I may also change the layout soon, depends on if I come up with something I like better. Darn creative fits. ^_^;

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